Miscarriage Talk 1

A grief counsellor describes some of the emotions and feelings experienced by clients, as they go through the aftermath of baby loss due to miscarriage.  She then explains some of the different ways women  deal with the grief journey and talks about different ways to ask for help to deal with the grief and longings, with the aim of reaching healing and emotional health.

Miscarriage Talk 2

In this second talk one of Choices grief counsellors uses the seasons of life to explain how creativity can be used to bring colour back into your life after a season of grief and loss.

Pregnancy Crisis Talk 3

Termination Talk 4

Those who are struggling with a termination experience.

Grief after a Termination Talk 5

The audio bite titled grief after abortion is a resource for those who struggle and have struggled with difficult thoughts and emotions that persist. An awareness that, for some, these need acknowledging and processing in order to move on in life. This tape may help to identify this complex grief issue that has caused troubling problems.

Another helpful link – ARCH (Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline) or email them here: