Pornography Quiz

We are constantly told things about sex and relationships, through our friends, through social media, and through TV and music. But how much do you know about the impact on teenage relationships?


Well done for taking the test

Well done for taking the test

#1. In which video game can the player ‘find a prostitute, have sex and kill her’?

#2. What percentage of 15-19 year olds have felt under pressure to have sex?

#3. How many 11-18 year olds have been victims of sexual bullying?

#4. How many 16-18yr olds think that “most people their age have had sex”?

#5. How many 16-18yr olds have actually had sex?

#6. How many 14 year olds are sexually active?

#7. At the age in brackets, all these celebrities did the same thing. What was it? Joe Jonas (20) Khloe Kardashian (14) Chris Martin (22) Daniel Radcliffe (16) Adriana Lima (27)

#8. How many under-10s have seen explicit sexual images online?