Take the quiz. What kind of a friend are you?

Have a sneak peak inside our Positive Relationships workshop and take our scenario quiz! What kind of friend are you?

You just got a really good mark on a maths test but your friend tells you that they failed it and they feel really bad. Do you…

  1. Smile and say, “I did really well!”
  2. Shrug it off – so what, everyone gets low grades sometimes.
  3. Remind your friend that even though maths is difficult for them, they are good at other things, and nobody can be great  everything

You and your best friend fancy the same person.
Good news: the person you both fancy has been messaging you all day. 
Bad news: the whole time they have been asking about your best friend.
Do you…

  1. Make sure your friend knows you have been talking to the person you both fancy all day – they’ll think they don’t stand a chance!
  2. Tell your friend that the person you both fancy was asking about them, and share in their happiness when they realise the person they like might like them back.
  3. Don’t say anything… Who knows what’s going to happen?

Your football team lost when your mate missed a really easy chance.
Do you…

  1. Tell them you’re disappointed your team lost but remind them they’re usually a good player and made loads of great shots during the rest of the season.
  2. Say “How could you miss that? – what’s wrong with you?”
  3. Tell them they tried and that’s all that matters.

A girl at school posted a picture on Instagram and someone wrote ‘slut’ in the comments – everyone is talking about it!
Do you..

  1. Stay out of the gossip – it’s none of your business
  2. Join in the gossip – she probably deserves it.
  3. Speak to her and be willing to be seen with her